In Memory of Barbara Christie – an Art Jeweler of exceptional skill & Kindness.

My intention is to unite a sculptural quality with the best possible wear-ability  The work is about tactile surfaces, construction, colour and movement – something individual, hidden and one-off created in each piece. This leads to a diverse and stimulating range of work. Elements are a priority. I like to use a palette in which the colour’s of the stones and the other materials merge into one another.  A variety of techniques and processes enriches the collection.


I found out a few days ago that Barbara Christie passed away earlier this month after her long battle with cancer. Since learning of this sad news I have found myself thinking about her work and this has prompted me to write this post.

I only met Barbara a few times. I stumbled upon her unique jewellery long before I knew who Barbara Christie was and often admired her whimsical pieces at the Goldsmith fairs. All I know about Barbara was that on the occasions we met, she was very kind and giving & anyone I met who has been taught by her had nothing but affection and good things to say. Barbara taught jewellers for many years and immediately upon finding out I was a jeweller, she extended her offer of unique knowledge to me also. Since I don’t know enough about Barbara to speak of, I’d really like to share her beautiful & collectible works.

These are a few of Barbara’s pieces that demonstrate her lovely approach to narrative in jewellery design.

bc_brooches01 lrgbc_brooches05 lrgbc_earrings01 lrgbc_necklace01 lrgbc_ring04 lrgm-j_barbarachristie_5 lrger

As you can see this is the sort of “Art Jewellery” that one can become lost in. The imagination can muse over the narrative displayed or suggested. They are truly works of art that can be worn and each piece made was a one off and created with custom materials, so I envy anyone who owns Barbara Christie Jewellery. They look exquisite worn on the body and they look beautiful creatively displayed as sculpture when not being worn.  I hope that somewhere some of the stories of her pieces have been told. My sympathies go out to Barbara’s family.

Barbara Christies work can be seen on her website and Who’s who in gold and silver.

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