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The miracle of Bees continues.

In all my research about Bees for the ‘Colony’ collection, I discovered some amazing and fascinating facts and mythologies surrounding these industrious little creatures, none more so than the recent news about BEE VENOM. Read on for what, I think you’ll agree, is absolutely amazing information!

Medical studies have shown that Bee venom can destroy the HIV virus and quite possibly other viruses and tumors as well.

Melittin destroys some viruses and malignant tumor cells.

Melittin is a powerful toxin found in bee venom. It can poke holes in the protective viral envelope that surrounds the human immunodeficiency virus, as well as other viruses.

Dr Hood, who has co-authored the study which has appeared in journal antiviral therapy said,

“We are attacking a physical property of the virus. Theoretically, there isn’t any way for the virus to adapt to that.”

Senior author, Samuel A. Wickline, MD, the J. Russell Hornsby Professor of Biomedical Sciences, has demonstrated that nanoparticles loaded with melittin have anti-cancer properties and have the capacity to kill tumor cells and the HIV virus. Linking bee venom with anticancer therapies is not new apparently, in 2004 Croatian scientists reported in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture that honey-bee products, including venom, could well have applications in cancer treatments and prevention.

For two articles on this amazing discovery, the 1st regarding Bee venom targeting cancer cells and the other an article about Bee venom treating the HIV virus and potentially other viruses too….

Christmas Robin

Christmas Robin

Although not really related to anything in particular, this is a blog and it is Christmas and this was Christmassy!! This little Robin has been visiting my partner at his work on a regular basis and he has been slowly getting him to come closer and closer.. Now he gets onto his hand!! I think he should train him to become his familiar. How cool is that?
I know Robins are rambunctious – I used to have one fly into the workshop and yell at me to get out! Has anyone else had a Robin adopt them? Tell tell!
This made me feel all christmassy and fuzzy.. ^_^

Winter warmer style set….

polyvore winter warmer

The Royal Nectar Earrings paired with various shades of grey for a winter warmth look that’s comfy and easy.. Some brown leather gloves to match would also be nice right now.