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Colony fact numero uno..

Without Bees, there would be no agriculture. Every 3rd mouthful of food, we owe to the Bee.. yes indeedy.. 🙂

Gia Belloni now available on Boticca..

Shop the collection on Boticca!


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B.D.N.A Pendant & Aeon earring style set.

polyvore style set

A style set using the wonderful polyvore. Featuring the black rhodium and gold version of the B.D.N.A pendant and the black rhodium Aeon earrings. I’d love to see how others put looks together using jewellery from the new Colony collection!

Announcing the launch of my new website!

Announcing the launce of my new website!

So, after much work, my collection is rolling out.. The ‘Colony’ collection pays homage to Bees – many aspects of them, their society, aesthetics, what they do, produce and their history.. to name but a few.. I will be posting more about the design development and some of the wonderful & fascinating things I learned about these very important little creatures!

I hope you enjoy.. 🙂