Appreciating moments or objects in a way that fosters an introspective contemplation of the world is what drives my creativity and inspires my work.
I love interesting stories or facts and the way our minds work.
How we want to appear and what we want to say about ourselves are some of the most curious & personal conscious and sub conscious decisions we make all the time.
My designs are created to flatter different face shapes & neck lines and pay homage to the many wonders & beautiful objects, cultures & natural curiosities around us.

My Brand is about Evolving. By the time I launch a collection I have been ‘with’ it long enough to see more development and exciting design ideas.

I’m a big fan of scuba diving, sky diving and the natural world (entomology will no doubt appear more & continue in my work). Jewelers I admire are Stephen Webster because he more or less paved the way for ‘precious fashion jewellery’ as we know of it today and he never deviated from his vision, even when he was told his work was beautiful but didn’t “fit in” anywhere (Ha). He has had trials and tribulations along the way and developed a loved, respected and awesome brand. Also Alexis Bittar. I love his story, from selling on the street corner market in NY to become a global fashion jewellery design house/brand. His work is beautiful, original and has presence.

A question I was asked just recently, “If I could have a celebrity wear one of my pieces, who would it be?” Right now, the answer to that is Kelly Osbourne. I’ve just always found her charming and her violet hair right now is genius…. GENIUS I tell you! I love her unique style and the fact that you would absolutely know she was coming at just a glance!

I studied Fashion Jewellery at the Sir John Cass dept of Art media & Design and I’m pretty savvy with CAD (computer aided design). I’m level 1, 2 & advanced certified with CAD.

Since this is a blog I could also say I have the cutest cat in the world and have been made an honorary Bee due to my efforts in developing the Colony collection.. I could say those things.
I did a sky dive in September over Santa Cruz and would scuba dive every day of my life if I could.. yup.

And, since we’re in business, I’d best put this link in…. Gia Belloni

me st paul crop

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